Too many people in Waxahachie are frustrated because nagging pain or a new injury is keeping them from doing the things they love.
New injuries can make you feel annoyed when they stop your day to day routine, make you unsure of what daily movement is safe and can make it hard to see a hope for your recovery. When pain wont go away it can make you feel frustrated, hopeless thinking you will never get better, you become scared to move, and get stuck worrying about pain.
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Discover a cutting edge approach to wellness, new injury pain management, and chronic wont go away pain management that will enable you to take back your life from suffering

We provide the best chiropractic, rehabilitation exercises, counseling for managing pain, nutrition pain treatments, soft-tissue and massage therapy to give you the confidence to get back to your life again so that you can get better and stay better. You deserve to get back to enjoying the things you love doing in everyday life again.
Speciality Chiropractic
Phase 1: Get Answers While Being Treated To Live Or Maintain A Suffering Free Life
We are here to meet or maintain your recovery needs... Whether it is staying at your best with wellness care, a new injury that you have never had before, an old injury that keeps popping up, or an injury that has not gone away for a long time.
Pain Treatments
Phase 2: Once The Suffering Stops We Can Help You Become Durable
This is where you will be doing more traditional strength rehabilitation exercises with your treatment, but durability in life goes beyond working out. We will meet your needs with a wide variety of life style modifications coaching to help your body function optimally. Nutrition coaching, stress management, sleep, decreasing daily toxin exposure, getting connected with a community, and finding fun ways to be active.
Pain Free Life
Phase 3. Living An Empowered and Independent Life
The last step is keeping you functioning through wellness care, but we go beyond traditional approaches by offering more than wellness adjustments and soft-tissue. Accountability is a huge marker of long term success and we are here to make sure your lifestyle modifications are here to stay.

How Our Patient's Developed Our Approach To Your Care

Dr. Hendrix is a clinical professor at Parker Chiropractor College in Dallas. Doctor of Chiropractic, BS Kinesiology & Human Performance, BS Human Biology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Pain, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy For Pain, Motivational Interviewing, Dry Needling Certified, FAKTR, NASM-CES. Dr. Dustin Hendrix understands the struggle of overcoming pain that has turned into suffering and the thrill of being able to overcome an injury and feel stronger than you did before

Dr. Hendrix has the following affiliations and certifications:

Dry Needling Certification
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy For Chronic Pain
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy For Chronic Pain
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Pain
Motivational Interviewing For Pain
Motivational Interviewing For Pain
Parker University
Functional Medicine
Functional Medicine For Pain
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From feeling like you can't move to being fully active again.

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It's time to start feeling great doing everyday activities again and stop missing out on life

Nothing is harder to hear about than a patient who had to stop doing what they love and is stuck suffering in daily life. Our office is here to get you back

Rediscover the joy of everday life again without suffering through our wide selection and combination of treatments

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