Road To Success
Road To Success

This first blog will give you a resource hub for future blogs and the process to set you up for success when the nutrition protocal starts.

The focus of this phase will be multifaceted over 5 weeks:

  1. Start taking multivitamin, probiotic, fish oil and fiber (Immediately)
  2. Decrease daily toxin exposure (Week 1)
  3. Develop healthy sleep patterns (Week 2)
  4. Decrease stress (*small note on Spiritual Health as well) (Week 3)
  5. Start eating healthy meals/snacks 4x a day or intermittent fasting (Week 4)
  6. Start working out, and preferably strength training (Week 5)

Start taking multivitamin, probiotic, fish oil and fiber

  • Doctor Hendrix personally uses Ortho Molecular for fish oil, probiotic and multivitamin and can get these ordered for you. Fiber supplements he has used are Garden Of Life Organic Fiber and Micro Ingredients Organic Triple Fiber.
  • On fiber recommendation the first day, take 1 gram of fiber three times a day. Increase to 2 grams the second day. The rest of the first week, take 3 grams of dietary fiber three times a day.

Decrease daily toxin exposure *Week 1

Developing healthy sleep patterns *Week 2

Decrease Stress *Week 3

Starting eating healthy *Week 4

  • Future blogs coming that will give you weekly detailed meal plans
  • First steps
    • Give up or limit gluten, dairy, soy and salt
    • Stop eating out, and start cooking at home
    • Change the fats and oil you cook with to healthier options (Cocunut oil instead of grease/butter/lard etc...)
    • Stop drinking sodas
    • Switch over to lean meats or free range meats

Start working out *Week 5

  • Future blogs and videos coming
  • Click here and Doctor Hendrix will take you through his entire functional workout
  • Click here and Doctor Hendrix will take you through 3 exercises for the back and entire body
  • Click here and Doctor Hendrix will take you through a calf and ankle routine 
  • Click here and Doctor Hendrix will take you through a core routine
  • In this phase we want to redevelop your lean muscle mass and raise your resting metabolic rate, your body's ability to burn calories outside of workouts. In the beginning phases the majority of people trying to lose weight will not have the aerobic conditioning to burn enough calories to make a difference towards weight loss. This is why in the beginning a larger portion of your time should be spent weight training.
  • Instead of trying to do long grueling workouts the key is to be consistent and make getting a workout done as easy as possible. Doing body weight exercises and walking is an excellent way to start. Can you do 5-15mins of activity everyday or 3-5 times a week?
    • Regular planks
    • Side planks
    • Bridges
    • Chair squats
    • Lunges holding onto something
    • Push ups
    • Bird dogs
    • McGill Curl ups
    • Dead bugs
    • Mounting a trx/rings or a chin up station to build the back
    • Start with walking, but when you feel ready had small faster paced intervals like speed walking or jogging
  • Doctor Hendrix’s personal advanced weekly routine is one body weight workout, one functional workout, one traditional strength workout, 2 sprints workouts (walking with 7-8 100m intervals and walking with 3-4 300m intervals), 1 general slow cardio day, and 2 bike cardio days.

Stay tuned to this blog. This is going to get built out over a period of 6 months 

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