Imagine how great it will feel when...

You can play with your kids on the ground without even thinking about your back pain. You can compete in a race again. You get back to training with your buddies and instead of thinking about pain, you are thinking about going out for food afterwards. You are having the best workouts you've had in years. You are crossing the line, not in pain, and looking down at your watch with your best time ever. You are doing your original routine without experiencing any pain.


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I decided to help you during my second injury at 14...

When I say I get your pain, I flashback to being 15 and crying in the shower after my cross country coach pulled me due to knee pain.

I decided then that I was going to help people like me one day, but I had no idea it was going to be you. My mission to help people has been over a decade in the making: from shadowing physical therapists at 18, to personal training with a NASM Corrective Exercises Specialty Certification at lifetime fitness in my early 20s, to finishing my first bachelor's degree in human sports performance/kinesiology, to getting my second bachelor's degree in human biology, to completing my Doctorate in Chiropractic while studying every soft-tissue protocol that I could lay eyes on, to getting certified through FAKTR for my instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization. I truly believe my accomplishments would have failed had I not always motivated myself by asking, "How can I help the most people?" I am really blessed and excited to have the privilege to empower you towards transformation. 


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