A long overdue gym fitness revolution is coming to Waxahachie and we are going to use it to help you achieve the results you have always wanted.

Traditional gyms can leave you frustrated and feeling alone as you struggle to achieve consistent results.

We provide you with the best private studio gym experience so all you have to do is dare to dream.  

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Open your mind to how you would feel when a gym can create the path to...

Come across the finish line, look down at your watch and see a personal best. Step on the field being dialed in and confident to go off. No longer worrying over keeping your fitness gains but emboldened by the new control you have over your progress, daring to achieve more. Brag to your doctor instead of feeling defeated when he asks if you have been exercising for your type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. Wake up in the morning feeling more rested, having better energy, a new positive outlook on life, and feeling less anxious. 

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It is time you had passionate personal trainers that enable you to achieve your gym related fitness transformation.

No more... gym setbacks from training wrong, restrictive diets that won't keep the weight off forever, overuse injuries from not moving the right way, going into sporting even wishing you had a better team training you.


From road to the field, we are ready to position you to excel.

Movement As Medicine

Wellness, health, and future injury avoidance

Weight Loss

We are here to help you find consistency for long term success.

We had you in mind when we designed our revolutionary new private gym and personal training system.

It's the support system you need to achieve.

Your gym is being carefully watched by a personal trainer with over a decade of fitness experience who became a doctor.

 Why small group classes?

  • More affordable than 1-on-1
  • A community wanting you to succeed
  • Programs designed for every fitness level
  • Accountability

The workout could consist of any of the following:

  • Myofascial work
  • Mobility
  • Unique warm-ups (everything from Indian clubs, to vipr like tubes, to yoga)
  • Functional strength training
  • Our own core stabilization protocol designed for helping patients return from injury, except we progressed them
  • Corrective, prehab and movement pattern training

Trainers with experience in getting you results

Your heading here
Your heading here
Your heading here

From feeling like you can't to being fully transformed,

we have made it easy to get started.

Schedule an appointment

We will take it from here where all you have to do is pick your class time

Have fun and get empowered

All you have to do is show up ready to get it and we will cover the rest

Who is that in the mirror?

Take time to appreciate how amazing you are and the transformation you made happen

It's time to dare to dream and get results with a simple click of a button.

You do not have to be stuck wasting your time with injury setbacks, unsustainable fitness practices, and not improving your performance.

Get the results you have always wanted with us, where your fitness transformation is our passion.

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