People in Waxahachie need a new take on physical therapy that treats the injured site and at the same time the other areas affected.

Injuries and surgeries can be a scary and uncertain time that completely disrupts people's daily routines.

We provide the best therapy and rehabilitation exercise care so that you can heal your injured site while also being treated for the broad effects on other areas of the body from injury and surgery. You deserve to come back and not have to start rehabbing another area or be at risk for another injury in the future.



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Attain a different physical therapy program that lets you come back better than before the injury.

We know the uncertainty you feel when injuries or surgeries make you feel incapable. You are worthy of having complete treatments to get back control. Dr. Hendrix is your Waxahachie's specialist in therapy and rehab exercises.

Injury or surgery affects the whole body.

You need a doctor who understands how the body moves as a connected whole and the effects that will happen to other areas of the body.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Your injured area may be weaker now, but we can work on previously missed biomechanics and muscular imbalances to return you better than you were before injury.

Give the rehab specialists control over your recovery instead of a protocol.

Traditional physical therapy as a system is rigid and cannot adapt on the fly to your specific recovery needs.

It is time to go beyond physical therapy.

You are unique and your therapy should be the same. You'll never have to worry about rehabbing another problem because we can take care of your entire body at once.

Traditional care doesn't get you better as fast as you should. It also creates co-dependency with you and the doctor. We focus on making sure you get total care. Our range of services include:
  • Local acute care therapy and rehabilitation exercises
  • Soft tissue treatments to break down scar tissue and help tissues heal 
  • Full body care for other areas of the body that are aggravated due to the injury changing the way you move

Total body rehab is what you can expect from working with us.

Specialists In Rehab Therapy

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This is by far the best place to go for Physical Therapy needs and Chiropractic care.

Dr. Hendrix is a pleasure to work with, very professional, friendly, efficient, patient and extremely knowledgeable. His individual care with each patient, stands out beyond measure!

I am very thankful to have been lead to this facility for my care. After 3 months with a broken tibula, I've had to relearn how to walk again. I honestly couldnt have done it without Dr. Hendrix care and assistance. He has helped to strengthen and rehabilitate my broken leg and all the delicate components that come alongside an injury. Thank you Dr. Hendrix, you ROCK!!! God bless you for all you do!!

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Go from not being able to move to better than ever.

It is easy to get started.

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Develop A Unique Plan

We will focus on getting your injured sites out of pain and restored.

Relearning Movement

Now we need to get the injured area moving again and address any other affected parts of the body

Get on the road to complete recovery.

There is no reason for you to come back from one injury only to deal with another, or even worse, to never get this injured area back to a level suitable for daily function.

You have had enough setbacks. It is time to get you back and better with our individualized treatments and functional movement gym.

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