Last week we listed out the services commonly offered in Chiropractic offices. You can find this blog here.

Now let us use that blog to discuss the different types of offices

Wellness Clinics

  • Wellness clinics involve a service, typically an adjustment, which could also include the activator or arthostim techniques
  • Visits after the initial exam are typically around 3-5 minutes
  • The shorter time frame is warranted as the patient is no longer in pain and does not need other therapies
  • These clinics are best at keeping patients at optimum health by having them come in for routine adjustments
  • The goal is to keep dysfunction at bay before it can cause the cycle of pain to kick back in

Soft-Tissue only clinics have started becoming common in Chiropractic

  • Soft-Tissue clinics mainly focus on treating through a wide variety of manual therapy techniques
  • Myofascial release and active release therapy fall under these forms of treatment
  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilizations such as Graston and FAKTR may be offered as well
  • Treatments typically are between 8 and 30-minutes, but this can vary
  • These clinics are phenomenal at treating sprains and strains

Functional Medicine Clinics

  • The focus of this clinic is to utilize prescription nutrition in order to treat diseases and obtain optimum health

 Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Offices

  • These specialize in accidents of all kinds
  • Chiropractors aid with communication between your medical doctors and lawyers to help you get the treatment you need to recover
  • If you have been injured at work or in a car accident, and are a candidate for conservative treatments, you will want to look for a Personal Injury/Workers’ Compensation Chiropractic office for help

The majority of clinics are mixed with some or all of the services mentioned above and a few not mentioned

  • Other therapies offered not mentioned above are Acupuncture, Cupping, Rehabilitation, and Therapeutic Modalities
  • If you have recently hurt yourself or you are in chronic pain this is the best clinic model for you due to a wide array of therapies available
  • Always check their services and ask questions to ensure they are providing what you need

Other details to consider below:

  • Always check the walls for an up to date license and a chiropractic degree
  • Word of mouth referrals and reviews are always a way to find a good office
  • Check if the office has insurance options if that is a factor to you
  • Check the little things like pediatrics or for gender preferences
  • Find an office that performs a history, exam, and a scientific review of your diagnoses
  • A thorough exam would look similar to what a Neurologist and an Orthopedist would perform
  • Your diagnoses given should be a condition that would match up with other medical professionals

Now that you have the insider details and a grasp of the language chiropractors are speaking, you should feel even more confident in making a decision about where to receive the right muscle, nerve, and skeletal treatment options for your needs.

We hope this will aid you in the process of achieving your optimum pain-free life.

At Chiro MSK Specialists, we have an extremely wide array of Chiropractic and Wellness services. We did this to provide you with a one-stop-shop, whether it is for acute or chronic pain care, wellness, rehabilitation, dry needling, functional fitness classes, or personal injuries. You can see a complete list of our services here. If you choose a mixed clinic model we would be glad to have you and you can schedule here.

We appreciate your continued interest in our blog.

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