One of the most frequent complaints we receive from patients is pain in their back and neck. 

Dealing with pain interferes with our everyday life. Nagging pain holds us back from enjoying the things we love to do. When it's not dealt with properly, it can lead to chronic pain or even disability. Nobody wants that in their life. 

Thankfully, there is a way back to health. We recommend the following improvements in your lifestyle if you find yourself suffering from acute or chronic back or neck pain.

Here are five principles you can adopt right away to have a better, stronger, and healthier back and neck.

1. Do Something Active Everyday 

One of the most critical ways of improving your well-being is by increasing daily activity. A lack of motion leads to more pain in our joints in daily life.

There is considerably less back and neck pain in regularly active individuals than in people who live a sedentary lifestyle.

What can you for a few minutes every day to increase your heart rate and get moving?

Make sure to talk to the chiropractor or doctor first to check if there are any limits to what you should do during a workout if you're starting new.

We suggest that you begin slowly. Once you've built a schedule, increase the exercise strength and duration steadily.

2. Pay attention to your posture

Having great posture is essential to your health. Whether you're standing, seated, resting, or working at a desk.

Several back and neck problems are created from a spine that is not maintained as it should be. To prevent tension in your back, you should be mindful of holding your spine in a neutral position. You should do your best to eliminate heavy or several pillows to reduce upper back and neck pressure when sleeping. Do your best to not sleep on your stomach.

Are you working from home these days? For advice on setting up an ergonomic workstation the right way, we recommend downloading this infographic

3. Maintain A Healthy Diet

A balanced diet is another main ingredient of good health. Carrying any surplus weight will cause extra pressure on the back. Attempting to consume less red meat and processed foods such as sugar and white flour is wise. You should also listen to your children's advice and raise your veggie and fruit intake. Opt for "healthy" oils such as olive or canola and, instead of high sugar and calorie content beverages, select water.

You will find that your body looks so much happier when you lose the pounds.

4. Stretch Everyday

Stretching is the best protection against pain in the back and spine. Any day, 10-15 minutes of stretching will significantly influence how you relax and how your body performs.

Try this simple Bruegger Relief stretch that can be performed from just about anywhere. 

5. Schedule An Appointment with Us

Just like your teeth need to see the dentist, your back and neck could use an evaluation to see how they are moving. We recommend scheduling appointment with Dr. Dustin to see how you are doing.Come and visit us for an evaluation. Our doctors always take the time to make an assessment of how you're doing and help you return to total health.

When you take the right care of your body you'll find yourself looking younger, feeling better and having a different perspective on life. It just takes a few small adjustments to your lifestyle.

Imagine how great it will feel to wake up each day with a strong and healthy neck and back.